The FSH DIRECT Prefab extinguishing gas system is mechanically controlled and is activated by temperature, using Direct Low Pressure (DLP). The system extinguishes directly at the seat of the fire, so that no additional electrical facilities are required such as smoke or thermal detectors. This system is suitable for compact and open spaces, (depending on the extinguishing agent), and is intended for both mobile and static objects.

Similar to our FSH DIRECT Basic system, the FSH DIRECT Prefab distinguishes itself by being supplied fully assembled and complete with a pre-pressurised detection and extinguishing line. It is fully operational and ready for use straight from the box all it requires is to be mounted in-situ.

The FSH DIRECT Prefab system can be equipped with either Novec ™ 1230 or Aqueous Film Forming Form – AFFF-AF. AFFF-AF is suitable for open spaces and is ideal for extinguishing a combination of A and B classes of fire, (solids and liquids).