Novec ™ 1230

FSH DIRECT uses Novec ™ 1230 because of its unique clean agent properties these include:

  • Electrically non-conducting in both gaseous and liquid state (no consequential damage)
  • Leaves no residue or waste by-product (no cleaning costs)
  • Virtually harmless to people (a residence time of 5 minutes is permissible)
  • Gives the highest margin of safety for humans compared to other Clean Agents
  • Very low environmental impact
  • Excellent extinguishing properties
  • No structural changes required
  • Suitable for fire classes A, B, and C
  • Has the “global environmental warranty – the 3M ™ Blue Sky℠ Warranty”
  • Causes no or little underpressure or overpressure in the room to be extinguished
  • Does not cause any extreme temperature drops such as freezing

Novec ™ 1230
The Novec™ 1230 extinguishing gas (liquid) from 3M™ used by FSH DIRECT works on energy extraction from the source of the fire. This extraction of heat from the source of the fire is achieved by molecular enlargement, resulting in an oxygen deficiency in the flame. This effect is also called negative catalytic. A separation therefore takes place in the chemical reaction between combustible material and oxygen.
Novec ™ 1230 liquid extinguishes a fire before it begins by quickly removing heat. In a typical “total flooding system”, the agent is stored as a liquid in cylinders that are under pressure with nitrogen. By mechanical or electrical activation upon detection of a fire, the extinguishing process will take place when the fire is still in its initial phase and is extinguished in seconds.

The Novec™ 1230 liquid evaporates 50 times faster than water. In fact, you could soak a stack of paper in a Novec ™ 1230 liquid bath and pick it up again within a minute and it will be dry.

The video below explains the benefits of the Novec ™ 1230 extinguishing gas compared to other extinguishing agents.


The video below shows how in most cases an extinguishing gas system is projected and mounted in a server room.

The following video shows how Novec ™ 1230 extinguishes a flame.

The video below shows that although Novec ™ 1230 looks like water it does not have the same properties as water. Novec ™ 1230 is non-conductive and does not harm your sensitive electronic equipment.

The following video shows that Novec™ 1230 does not damage paper or cardboard compared to water.


Safety Novec™ 1230 fluid:

Not all fire extinguishers are equally safe for the people in the room. You get the best indication of the safety margin of a substance by looking at the permitted limit for people and the extinguishing agent concentration. The NOAEL (No Observed Adverse Effect Level) value indicates the level without any noticeable harmful effect. This is the internationally accepted limit for the various extinguishing agents. The extinguishing agent concentration is the amount of extinguishing agent that is needed to extinguish the fire safely. The safety margin for people is determined by the relative difference between the extinguishing agent concentration and the specific NOAEL value. As the graph shows, Novec™ 1230 offers by far the largest safety margin for people.

From: 3M the Netherlands

For more information: 3M website