Kitchen Fire Extinguishing Systems


The INOX kitchen extinguishing system by FSH DIRECT is an advanced fire protection solution for professional and industrial kitchens.

In the professional kitchen of a restaurant or organization it can be hectic; people often work in close proximity to cookers and equipment containing flammable ingredients such as fats and oils.
Fire is one of the biggest safety problems in commercial kitchens and equipment damage can be costly.
An effective fire detection system is therefore essential to prevent accidents and damage.

FSH DIRECT supplies and installs two types of systems, namely a pneumatic and an electrical system.
The pneumatic system works completely autonomously and does not require a power supply.
In consultation with you, we look at which system is most suitable for your kitchen.

Our systems extinguish by separating oxygen and the fuel; the extinguishing agent is suitable for extinguishing class F fires. The extinguishing agent forms a foam-like layer that stops combustion (i.e. by taking away oxygen) and prevents fire from igniting again.
In the event of a fire, an extinguishing system from FSH DIRECT ensures that the damage remains as small as possible and that you can resume work in the kitchen as quickly as possible.

A FSH DIRECT system can fit inside any industrial kitchen.