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Extinguishing gas systems

All extinguishing gas systems from FSH DIRECT are designed to ensure that in the event of an emergency any productivity disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. The source of the fire is effectively controlled and rapidly extinguished and essential production resources are protected.  Simply put its business as usual with little or no downtime.

Because our systems works autonomously to detect where the source of the fire is and rapidly extinguish it, there is no need for any human intervention. This is in contrast to older inferior hand extinguishers and hose reels which expose employees, security guards, or emergency response teams, to the potential risk and dangers of tackling the fire by themselves. By applying the FSH DIRECT systems you can fully focus on the most important task of saving lives, as well as protecting essential assets.

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FSH DIRECT systems are equipped with Novec™ 1230 liquid which is dispersed as a gas and offers the highest safety margin of all clean extinguishing agents. It is not harmful to humans, animals and the environment. We use Novec ™ 1230 for all environments containing electronics due to the very low environmental impact.

As with any event of fire, harmful substances can be released so always follow your recommended evacuation procedure. FSH DIRECT fire extinguishing systems will combat the fire for you and avoid any potential inhalation or exposure to anything harmful.

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